What's This 'Words' Business?

Unlike most graphic designers, I wasn't drawing everything in sight when I was a kid. I loved words first: in high school I was devoted to literature, theater, and writing. In college I studied set design and lighting design and took up nature photography, and I gradually realized I had a visual side. Since then I've studied design from many angles and designed various print publications, computer input screens, Web sites, glass jewelry, and two bathrooms. On the verbal side I've edited a lot of news and feature stories, and I've written headlines, general non-fiction, technical articles, and manuals. To sum up, I have a wide-angle view on communicating through words and images and making them work synergistically.

What Words & Images Design Can Do For You

I can help you communicate in print or digital media, either developing from scratch or updating your current identity and branding. I bring a wide variety of design and communication skills to the table, along with considerable technical expertise. Working with technical partners, I can handle sophisticated Web development and back-end applications, if that's what you need.

Please check out my galleries, and thanks for visiting.

William Baker
Words & Images Design